1. Think about why consumers transact. Here are the top five reasons that prompt the consumer to transact online:
    1) Convenience – Consumers feel that they could shop or transact from their home or office without having to go to the store or branch
    2) Options – Consumers like being able to see all the available options without having to “walk” around in your store or branch or even “talk” to your people
    3) Speed – The consumer appreciates the fact that they can complete their transaction at anytime and always be first in line
    4) Trust – The consumer is willing to provide you with their personal credit details and other information only if they can trust your brand
    5) Price – Consumers want to make sure that they are getting the best deal. This is one of the top motivators, because online shopping makes it easy to compare prices from other merchants.
    Here are the top three reasons that consumer avoid online transactions:
    1) Touch and Feel – When it came to certain items, consumers were reluctant to buy without being able to touch the product or see the true color.
    2) Fraud – In some instances, consumers were worried about the check-out procedure or worried that the site may not be legitimate.
    3) Return Process – Being unfamiliar with the company and their return policy often made the shopper reluctant to buy.
    Apply this research to your own brand and see how you stack up. Your key to driving digital engagement is to win the consumers trust.

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